5 Ways to be a Prepared Caregiver

While being a caregiver for a parent can be challenging, there are ways to help prevent burnout as you navigate unfamiliar and demanding territory. 

The most important thing to realize is the importance of that role while finding empathy in the wake of potential challenges. Such as, coping with the changes that come with dementia and learning to understand and love someone who is essentially a new person. 

Some key strategies from Olietunja Mann, co-owner and operations manager at Norwill Healthcare Services, include: 

  1. Understand your situation. Recognize that it will be challenging to serve as a caregiver and learn what to expect in your own unique situation. Being prepared can help ease some of the stress. 
  2. Educate yourself. Knowing what symptoms might be associated with specific health issues, and having an arsenal of tools available can help caregivers feel more in control. 
  3. Know that you are not alone. There are resources available on our website, and others, that can help you feel seen, heard, and included.  
  4. Have a plan. Approach each day with a plan in place. While you can’t prevent the unexpected, being as organized as possible can help ensure that those unexpected occurrences don’t end in catastrophe. 
  5. Don’t do it alone. Reach out to family members, clergy, friends and other support systems such as social media to ease your stress. 

For more information about how you can better serve as a caregiver, what to expect as a caregiver, or how we at Norwill Healthcare Services can make your situation easier, check out our website here

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