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Understanding the Difference Between Skilled and Non-Medical Home Health Care

Understanding the Difference Between Skilled and Non Medical Home Health Care

Posted By Norwill
June 13, 2023 Category: Home Health Care, Skilled Care

When it comes to home health care, it's important to understand the distinction between skilled care and non-medical care. At Norwill Healthcare Services, we want to provide clarity on these two types of care and how they work together to support individuals in need.  Skilled home health care involves medical expertise and specialized training. Skilled professionals, such as nurses and therapists, provide services like wound care, medication management, IV therapy, and physical therapy. They play a crucial role in assisting individuals who are recovering from surgeries or have specific medical needs. Skilled care focuses on the mechanics of living and helps individuals through their recovery process. Non-medical or non-skilled home health care is more hands-on and practical in nature. Non-medical care providers, often referred to as personal care aides, assist individuals with daily activities and ensure their day-to-day needs are met. This includes tasks like bathing, feeding, mobility support, and general assistance with daily living. Non-medical care helps individuals maintain their independence and function comfortably within their home environment. Both skilled and non-medical home health care services are crucial components of the medical field. They work together as a cohesive team to provide comprehensive care and support to individuals in need. Skilled professionals provide assessments, guidance, and medical orders, while non-medical caregivers ensure t

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